S38 Sign ups

The Moose Hockey League,

Returns to it’s franchise system for season 38.

With the MHL franchise system returning franchises (Team/Captain) from the previous season are allowed to re-sigh players from their previous season roster. Team management may keep two (2) players and have one (1) RFA player. Players that are kept will have a five (5) BOD value increase to their previous seasons salary.


The MEC along with selected team captains will be holding four (4) team mini scouting tournament events, twice a week during the scouting season. Rookies/New Members, will be required to take part in scouting. All members must scout, if asked by team management.

The Moose Hockey League Season 38, will remain at 16 teams.

Monday’s – Thursday’s 9:00PM and 9:30PM EST.

Season 38 Draft January 20

Season 38 Sign Ups are Now Open!