MHL Rules

Unless specifically noted otherwise, all Rules apply to both the MHL and the MAHL


Complaining about which team you are on at any point in the season is only moderately tolerated. There are mature and immature ways to go about requesting a trade, but anyone found being emo about playing with newbs/lower skilled members and/or being a douchebag to teammates will get a suspension. Furthermore, constant disrespect of the league and its members in the view of the MEC may result in removal. Bottom Line: We are a small community that prides ourselves on the ability to provide a quality 6 v 6 hockey experience to our members; so, if you act like a douche, you will no longer be welcome here.

1.1 – Captains have the power to request a “Rule 1” of a player (i.e. Drop them from their roster
after documented cases of excessive inactivity and/or douchebaggery). Captains are
encouraged to be accountable as a representative of the league and as such, put the
league’s best interest ahead of their teams.

1.2 – Players removed by a captain (or MEC) for Rule 1 violation will be suspended for
remainder of the current season. MEC can choose to suspend longer on a case by case

1.3 – All Rule 1s need to be emailed to the MEC for investigation before being approved
( proof is requested and helps the
investigation process along.

1.4 – Depending on the circumstance, the MEC may decide a player suspension and/or
discord/website suspension is more appropriate.

1.5 – A member’s on-ice and/or off-ice actions are both possible causes for removal.


Remain active and play to win – THIS IS NOT A “SIM LEAGUE”

2.1 – MEC reserves the right to add gameplay restrictions in dire situations if something
completely ridiculous (and enforceable/provable) is deemed to occur, such as “diving at
the goalie causes them to lose the puck”, or “warp through penalty box results in
auto-goal”, “ragging the puck”, etc.

2.2 – Captains are responsible for ensuring 6v6 happens EVERY game. Infractions will lead to
suspensions, multiple infractions will result in removal of Captaincy and possibly the


3.1 – MHL: All teams MUST carry a minimum roster of 9 players, including the

3.2 – MHL: All rosters shall be no larger than 11 players, including the Captain/Co-Captain.

3.3 – MHL: All roster players MUST be schedule for the league minimum games each week.
(See rule 4.6 & 4.7)

3.4 – All teams who end up with a roster of less than 9 players due to MEC approved drop(s) of
a player (douchebaggery, inactivity, Rule 1, unacceptable availability changes downward,
etc) MUST call up a player from the eligible Free Agent pool. (Affiliate player when MAHL
is active.)


Regular Season and Playoffs

4.1 – This “availability contract” will be clearly stated to all Captains on the draft sheet and it
will represent your expected availability throughout the season.

4.2 – Players may NOT change their availability during the season from full time to part time, or from part time to full time, for any reason. A decrease in availability may give the captain grounds to drop you via Rule 1.(Rule 1 will be looked at by MEC)

4.3 – IF APPLICABLE, MAKE SURE YOUR “MIA” IS CLEARLY FILLED OUT ON SIGN-UP SHEET. Include any days, dates, times, etc. that you KNOW you will be unavailable to play. These entries are binding and will result in a loss, if not followed.

4.4 – All players must indicate on their sign-up form whether they will play full time or part time.

4.5 – Availability refers to the number of games per week you can play, not the number of

4.6 – PART-TIME availability is a maximum of three (3) games per week, and a
minimum of one (1) game per week.

4.7 – FULL-TIME availability is a maximum of six (6) games per week, and a
minimum of two (2) games per week.

4.8 – Captains and Co-Captains are allowed to play a full 8 games per week, while
having to maintain the lineup requirements for each player. (Captains and Co-
Captains have no position restrictions.)

4.9 – Playoffs Series that go 7 games each roster player must have played one
game in the series. If not followed, this could result in a game forfeit.

4.10 – Players and Captains will declare their availability for the upcoming week by Thursday
by 10:00PM EST. Players & Captains will post their weekly availability on the website,
in their team’s thread in the Moose team forums section.

4.10.1 – Full Time players should make themselves available for at least three (3) of the
Four (4) nights each week. All four nights is suggested to give your captain the
most flexibility possible.

4.10.2 – Part time players should make themselves available for at least one (1) night
each week. Multiple nights are suggested to give your captain the most flexibility

4.10.3 – Players may not change their availability mid-week unless approved by the MEC.

4.10.4 – A player who post availability and scheduled for games, and become
unavailable due to playing in another league at the same time they are expected
to play in a Moose Series will face discipline and may be grounds for a Rule 1.(If
you sign up for a game and are scheduled for that game, you are expected to play
in that game).The MHL understands real life happens.

4.11 – REGULAR SEASON LINES (posting of lines)

4.11.1 – Captains must post weekly lines no later than 2:00pm EST, on Saturday before the
upcoming regular season week.


4.12.1 – Captains will post lines daily for each playoff game.

4.12.2 – Away team shall have playoff lines posted before the home team.

4.12.3 – Away captain must have playoff lines posted by 4:00pm EST on the day of the games

4.12.4 – Home team captain must have playoffs lines posted by 6:00pm EST on the day of the

4.12.5 – Captains exceeding or not meeting requirements will receive game(s) suspension for
not maintaining the minimum/maximum games requirement for his roster.and/or not
having lines posted.

4.13 – The MEC STRONGLY encourages team management to give players plenty of advance
notice for playoff lines, Player shall know they are needed or schedule before posting
playoff lines. Waiting last minute could result in no available players that night.
(waiver call ups are not allowed to be used during playoffs)

5 – DISCONNECTS – GOALIES (Regular Season and Playoffs)

5.1 – Multiple Disconnects

5.1.1 – 1st disconnect – Restart and run clock down to time of disconnect in first period of restarted game.

5.1.2 – 2nd disconnect – Restart and run clock down to time of disconnect in first period of restarted game. Teams have option of replacing Goalie.

5.1.3 – 3rd disconnect – Game is considered a loss for team that had their Goalie disconnect, regardless of score or if a new Goalie was substituted.

5.2 – MEC reserves the right to investigate and take action they deem fit if repeated goalie disconnects occur with a particular player/team over the course of the season.

6 – DISCONNECTS – SKATERS (Regular Season and Playoffs)

6.1 – All games are REQUIRED to start 6v6. If a full 6 can not be fielded the MEC grants
teams a waiver request (Call up of an affiliate player when MAHL is active) based off
circumstances (playoffs.ETC..),


6.3 – If any skater(s) on a team disconnect(s) in the 1st or 2nd period after the initial puck-drop, that team is awarded ONE RESTART PER GAME provided the procedure below is followed:

6.3.1 – If the disconnect occurs in the 1st or 2nd period, restart at intermission and continue the game from that point with whatever score existed at the time of restart.

6.3.2 – IT IS ON THE TEAM THAT LAGGED OUT TO QUIT AT INTERMISSION AFTER COLLECTING STATS. (Team Shall have G quit out, resulting in the game to stop, allowing both captains to remain in the game to collect stats)

6.3.3 – A restart can be granted once per game (eg. Player A lags out of Game 1. A
restart is done. Any player, including Player A, lags out, finish the game.)

6.4 – If any skater(s) on a team disconnect in the 3rd period, FINISH THE GAME OUT WITH

6.5 – In the event of ANY restart, both teams must use the exact same line-ups AND use the
exact same positions and player builds as originally set. The only exception is if a player
drops and can not reconnect. At that time, the only thing that should change is the player in

6.6 – In the event of all six (6) players of a team disconnecting or rage-quitting, that team would
be given an automatic 1-0 loss regardless of the score at the time.
Note: If it is a verified EA server mass disconnect, the MEC will review and determine
results of the game(s).

6.7 – Please report all suspected cases of “intentional disconnecting” to the MEC for
Further investigation. If certain teams and/or players are suspected of trying to exploit the
system in order to play with CPU players, it will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


Regular Season

7A.1 – Home team hosts both Games of all regular season series,

7A.2 – Each team may choose ONE PLAYER from opposing team that CAN NOT HOST
GAME SESSION (ie. Red bars, historical lagging or just personal bias; the
reasoning is irrelevant, everybody gets 1 refuse host player). Team may request
a new host before a restart after a lag out.

7A.3 – This choice may occur prior to any game starting OR prior to any utilized restart
due to disconnect.

7A.4 – Teams get one refuse at the beginning of series. That player CAN NOT host for
the entirety of the series. After completion of a game the away team can choose
one more host to refuse. Due to poor connection, laggy, lagouts, Heaviness etc..

7A.5 – Home team picks jerseys first. Away team must accommodate by using opposite
color. (e.g., Home chooses dark jerseys, away must choose light jerseys)


7B.1 – Higher seeded team hosts games 1, 2, 5, 7 during all playoff series, while lower
seed hosts games 3, 4, 6.

7B.2 – Playoff hosting follows the same Rules as Regular Season Hosting – See rule 7.A.2

7B.3 – Home team picks jerseys first. Away team must accommodate by using opposite
color. (e.g. Home chooses dark jerseys, away must choose light jerseys)


Stats Tracking

8A.1 – Stats are tracked using the MHL website and the MHL stats software, which
Captains will be provided with a video tutorial. Or other training
mechanism.(Login credentials will be provided to Captains prior to the start of
the season)

8A.2 – Captains are responsible for learning how to use this stats site for entering
individual/team stats correctly

8A.3 – Not entering stats in a timely manner (by 9pm EST the following night) will be
punished via a 3 strike procedure as outlined below:

8A.3.1 – 1st Strike: Captain is warned about stat failure

8A.3.2 – 2nd Strike: Captain is suspended from next series or first night of
round (if applicable), all Captain stats will not be recorded

8A.3.3 – 3rd Strike: Captain is removed from Captaining the following season,
And may be ineligible to Captain again for 2 full seasons

8A.4 – Each Captain is allowed two (2) stats extension requests per season no
questions asked.

8A.4.1 – Extension requests must be made by 8:30 pm EST.

8A.4.2 – Any stats entered by 9pm EST after requesting an extension will negate the
extension request.

Other Duties
8B.1 – Captains are representatives of this league and are expected to conduct
themselves as such

8B.2 – Captains are expected to consistently remain in communication with MEC,
other Captains and their respective teams.

8B.3 – Captains are expected to partake in mandatory activities (ie. Draft Practice)

8B.4 – Captains MUST post weekly lines see rule 4.7 & 4.8


MHL (These Rules also apply to the MAHL when the MAHL Season is active)

9.1 – If a team cannot get a legal number of players six (6) on the ice for a series, the
Captain can request a waiver to fill in for the night.

9.1.1 – A Waiver request must be made by 8:50pm EST before the first game. All other
requests for the first game will be ignored and may result in a sim loss.
9.1.2 – Waiver request(s) for game 2 can be made as necessary but understand
that the MEC member attempting to find a Waiver may also be playing a
series – Please be patient

9.1.3 – If a Waiver is requested and found before the drafted player originally
expected to play returns, the Waiver player MUST be used one (1) game –
No exceptions

9.2 – No team will be given the same Waiver player twice in one (1) week, unless it
is unavoidable.

9.3 – Captains DO NOT contact players for Waivers. They are provided by the
MEC. If you ask for someone specific, you will be ignored. If you try to use
someone unapproved, you will be given a sim loss. If a specific waiver is
requested or contacted by team management they will be removed from
waiver eligibility for that team up to 1 month of the current season.


10.1 – Trading of players is allowed provided that there is no collusion. The MEC reserves
the right to veto obvious fishy, rotten or colluded trades. (one (1) side trades.)

10.2 – All trades must remain under a hard salary cap of 115 BOD’s

10.3 – Trades may be done in odd numbers (ie. 1 for 2, 2 for 3, 3 for 4, etc.) as long as team stay within the roster limits.( 9 min/12 max) Teams who trade for more players must stay within the rules of scheduling and make sure enough games are being played.

10.4 – Trade formats are as follows:

10.4.1 – MHL player for MHL player
10.4.2 – MAHL player for MAHL player
10.4.3 – Affiliate player for Affiliate player

10.5 – Franchises may retain a players BOD value during trades.
(I.E. Team 1 has player A (50 BOD), Team B has player 2 (20 BOD)
Team A decides to retain 20 BODs of the 50 BOD, player 1 now
becomes a 30 BOD value while 20 BODs go against Team A’s salary
Cap of 115 BOD.) Players will return to the original BOD value at seasons
ends, if player(s) become listed as a protected player.

10.6 – All accepted trades must follow the process explained below:

10.6.1 – All trades must be announced in the Captain’s transactions thread
between the hours of 10PM EST & Noon EST. If you don’t have an
agreed upon trade with another captain by Noon EST, do NOT announce
it until the next day because it has zero chance of going through that

10.6.2 – Once the trade is announced (on both forums and Captains thread), the
“counter-trade period” will begin at 12:00pm (noon) and run until 3:00PM
EST. This creates an 3 hour time period for Captains to
offer/consider/accept counters.

10.6.3 – In the event of an accepted counter-trade occurring between 2:50pm –
3:00pm EST, the counter-trade period will extend to 4:00pm EST. After
6:00pm EST the Captain will be required to make a final decision to
accept or deny a counter-trade.

10.6.4 – All trades are final and approved at 7:00 PM EST, this allows time for the
Trade Approval Committee to review all trades and salary caps.


10.7 – Trade Reversals: If a player is traded, then quits before playing for his new
team leaving a Captain short a player, the MEC will undo the trade. If there
are any Rule 1s to be made, players will be replaced accordingly.

10.7.1 – If a Captain is believed to be offering/trading players they know are
unresponsive/shady/potential Rule 1, that Captain may be punished by the
MEC as they see fit.

10.8 – Any player refusing to play for a franchise, before or after a trade is complete, will be
immediately removed from the Moose Hockey League.

10.8.1 – This rule also applies before, during and after the MHL draft

10.9 – Off-season trades are allowed by returning franchises. Players involved in
off-season trades MUST be listed as a keeper player, and MUST remain
as a keeper player after the trade.(Players, must be signed up for next
Moose season draft before trades are posted.)


11A.1 – MHL Roster Players
11A.2 – Waive/Claim window is between 10:00am and 6:00pm EST (20 hour
11A.3 – If an MHL player gets waived between 10:00pm and Noon EST, the waiver
period to claim him will end at 6pm EST that same day. This ensures the
Waiver claim period is at LEAST 8 hours and making that player available for
a potential same-day 9:00pm EST series.

11A.4 – If an MHL player gets waived between 11:01PM and 7pm EST, the waiver
period to claim player will end at 6:00PM EST the FOLLOWING DAY, thus
preventing players from being waived and claimed right away.

11A.5 – During a waiver period, MHL captains may make a claim on that player or
ignore it (based on waiver priority order—which is currently REVERSE STANDINGS AT THE END OF THE PREVIOUS WEEK).

11A.6 – MHL Players have a 1-way contract, and as such, must clear waivers in order
to be assigned to their MAHL affiliate.

11B.1 – MAHL Affiliate Players / Free Agents

11B.2 – Can be called up as MHL fill-in if regular MHL roster players are missing but
CAN NOT BE traded to MHL as an MAHL affiliate player.

11B.3 – If called up permanently, the MHL Captain must replace that vacant MAHL
roster spot by waiving someone on his MHL roster.

11B.4 – May be used in MHL Playoffs if player still has available games remaining
for call-ups. Eight (8) games.

11B.5 – In the event a MAHL player is called for eight (8) games, player must be
then be called up full time. MHL team must send a player down to replace
the MAHL player.

11B.6 – Classification of MAHL players include Rookie, MAHL Only and Part-Time
(1/3). MHL affiliate (undrafted in MHL draft)

11B.7 – MHL affiliate player Eligible for eight (8) call up games per season and
playoffs. Eligible for full time MHL call up.

11B.8 – Rookie: Eligible for four (4) call-up games per season and playoffs.
Ineligible for permanent call-up. (When MAHL is active)

11B.9 – MAHL Only: Eligible for four (4) call-up games per season and playoffs.
Ineligible for permanent call-up. (When MAHL is active).

11B.10 – Part-Time (1/3): Ineligible for call-up games. Ineligible for permanent

11B.11 – MAHL players have a 2-way contract, and as such, can be called-up and
sent down without having to clear waivers to play on the MHL affiliate.

11B.12 – MAHL players being called up to MHL Full-Time will be valued at half of the
BOD value of the MHL player they are replacing. If that same MHL player is
then called back up to the MHL Full-Time, their original BOD value will be

12 – Franchise Keeper’s / RFA’s


12A.1 – Each returning franchise will be allowed three (3) protected players
These players may be keepers or RFA’s any combination, with a max of two (2)
keepers .

12A.2 – This is optional not mandatory, returning franchise’s may enter any season with or
without protected players.

12A.3 – Keepers must have been on the franchise roster in the previous season, drafted or
obtained through trades.

12A.4 – Any player being submitted as a Keeper will have a five (5) BOD increase to the
previous seasons salary they held.

12A.5 – Players must agree to being kept with the franchise for the following season, If a
player declines being kept, player will be placed in the draft pool.

RFA’s (Restricted Free Agents)

12B.6 – RFA’s are listed by returning franchises prior to the protected player deadline. (24
hours after season sign ups close).

12B.7 – RFA’s will be entered into the RFA draft (separate for the main auction draft).

12B.8 – After bidding stops on each RFA player, the franchise that owns the player(s) right
will have the option to match the current BOD value, or release the player(s)
contract to the franchise with the winning bid.


Position Changes

13A.1 – If a player removes or adds any preferred/willing position(s), they are only eligible
to be RFA’d for the next season.

13A.2 – If a player simply swaps a preferred & willing, that does NOT require RFA since
both are full-time willing positions.

13A.3 – The MEC reserves the right to make judgment calls as needed.

Availability Changes

13B.1 – The MEC reserves the right to require RFA in any case they deem worthy as
needed. It is safe to say that ANY change in availability will result in RFA


When MAHL is active

14.1 – In the event that a Captain Rule 1s a player, he must call up one of his MAHL
affiliate players as a full-time MHL replacement, if available.

14.2 – The MEC will make every effort to provide an eligible replacement call-up player for
the effected MAHL team.

14.3 – MHL replacement players assigned to a team can only be RFA’d for next season.

14.4 – When the MAHL is not active free agents will be used for Rule 1 replacements
In the event there are no free agents, waivers will be used as Rule 1

14.5 – Replacement players take on half (50%) of the players BOD value they
are replacing.


15.A.1 – Franchises will have an allotted amount of time to announce, weather they will be
returning for the following season, disbanding, or turning the franchise over to a
new owner/captain. (New owner must have been on the previous season roster)
Normally two (2) weeks between the end of the season and the Moose Cup finals.


15.B.1 – Must declare if they will be taking over their previous team at the time
they express interest in Captaining.

15.B.2 – New Captains can only take over their former team if the previous
Captain no longer wishes to Captain.

15.B.3 – Former Captains will be placed back into the Draft Pool if they sign up
for the following season.

15.B.4 – In the event two or more new Captains declare they will be taking over
their former team, the MEC will decide who will be given the team.

16 – Franchise clubs

16.1 – Franchises Must have clubs set up on the current EAsports NHL game.

16.2 – Clubs must have MHL in the team name. ( MHL Manitoba Moose) city name
is optional.

16.3 – Team jerseys can be custom made, team colors shall match the real
teams colors. Stock jersey may also be used.


17.1 – Scouting is mandatory from both the player and Captain’s perspective.
Protected player(s) may hold scouting games for their franchise.

17.2 – The Moose Executive Committee will schedule multiple scouting events,
during Each scouting season. Depending time of year and holidays, 2
events each week, will be scheduled.

17.3 – All Rookie members are required to participate in two (2) scouting

17.4 – All veteran players are required to participate in one (1) scouting event.

17.5 – Unschedule Moose 12’s lobby may count as scouting events. If multiple
Captains are involved and vouch for player(s)

17.5.1 – Players are, however, required to scout if asked/scheduled by a
Captain in advance. Refusal to do so without valid reason will result in
removal from the draft pool.

17.5.2 – MEC reviews all scouting complaints and makes the final decision.


Regular Season
18A.1 – Each week will consists of four (4) series of two (2) games to be
played, which will occur on 4 days on Mondays,Tuesdays.Wednesdays,
and Thursdays.

18A.3 – Start time for each series.

18A.3.1 – All MHL series will start at 9:00pm EST

18A.3.2 – All MAHL series will start at 8:30pm EST (When MAHL is active)

18A.4 – Home/Away team is responsible for the following:

18A.4.1 – Inviting their entire team as well as the visiting Captain. Visiting Captain is
responsible for inviting their own team. Club Challenge are also to be used.

18A.4.2 – Game must be started by 9:10pm EST or an enforceable sim loss will be
awarded to the opposing team

18A.4.3 – Failure by ANY team to do these will result in automatic 1-0 sim loss for them in
game 1 of the series.

18A.5 – Any team (home or away) failing to field a legal roster of 6 in the host-created
game shall receive the following:

18A.5.1 – 1-0 sim loss of first scheduled game after the entire 10 minute grace period has
passed (7 minute delay + 3 minute timer countdown)

18A.5.2 – 1-0 sim loss of second scheduled game after 20 minutes have passed (or 7
minutes from end of prior game + new 3-minute timer countdown)

18B.1 – One week, or 4 consecutive business days will be allotted for each playoff round.

18B.2 – Each playoff round Monday games 1 and 2, Tuesday, games 3 and 4, Wednesday
games 5 and 6 (if needed), Thursday game 7 (if needed.)

18B.3 – Start times, club challenge creation and sim loss times are all the same as the
regular season rules as stated above.


19.1 – Rescheduling is no longer permissible unless there is a verified
server failure of EA or XBL. In those cases, the MEC will proactively
reschedule these series at the end of the season.

19.2 – In certain cases, a reschedule during the playoffs may be granted by
the MEC. (Widespread Xbox live, or EA server issues)


20.1 – Tiebreakers are as follows (in order):

20.2 – Most Wins (Whichever team has more wins in the season will win
the tie)

20.3 – Head-to-Head Earned Points (Whichever team has more points in
the season series will win the tie)

20.4 – Goal Differential (Whichever team has a higher positive goal
differential will win the tie)

20.5 – If the teams are still tied after the above factors, a 1 game match-up will be

21 – Expansion Drafts

21.1 – From time to time, depending on the number of available players after
the initial draft of the current season, the MEC may collectively decide
to add teams.

21.2 – If expansion is approved, each existing team will be required to submit
two players to the expansion draft pool. These players will be eligible
to be drafted by an expansion team.

21.2.A – Keeper and RFA players are not eligible

21.2.B – Co-Captains are not eligible

21.2.C – Rookies are not eligible

21.3 – Expansion teams will have the unprotected draft pool, waiver, and free agent
pool from which to draft their team(s).

21.4 – Expansion teams must draft a full team while staying under the salary cap.

21.5 – All teams that lose a player from their roster due to the expansion draft will
move to the top of the waiver/free agent list in order of pick so that they can
replace the player lost from their roster.

21.6 – Waiver/Free Agent pickup will be frozen forty-eight (48) hours prior to the
expansion draft and will re-open to all teams one (1) hour after the end of the
expansion draft.

21.7 – All league trading is suspended twenty-four (24) prior until twenty-four (24)
hours after the completion of the expansion draft.


22.1 – Any other issue that arises and is not covered in the above rules will be handled by
the Moose Executive Committee (MEC) on a case by case basis.

22.2 – Captains are STRONGLY encouraged/expected to work out all in-game issues by
themselves and reach a fair compromise/agreement before requesting the
assistance of the MEC. Forcing the MEC to make a judgment call may not workout
in your favor.

22.3 – Harassment and/or abuse of any MEC member that is deemed to be excessive will
be punishable.

23 – Gamertags changes

Gamertag changes must be registered with the MEC and posted on the website, in the help desk forums, Gamertag change thread, before being allowed to play in a regular season or playoff game. Not following this will result in an invalid line up.(resulting a sim loss) While gamertag changes are allowed mid season, changing xbox live accounts are not allowed during the season.

Switching Xbox Live accounts, is considered a 2nd tag, and will NOT be allowed in the Moose Hockey League. Members found 2nd tagging will be removed from the league, and any games they played in will be ruled a sim loss, and loss of stats/awards for that member.